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Who we are

The history of LeVahn Brothers.

The History of LeVahn Brothers Plumbing starts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1923, LeVahn Brothers Plumbing was started by brothers Arthur, Ernie and Ed LeVahn. The first store was located at 4147 Fremont Ave in North Minneapolis’ Camden neighborhood. LeVahn Brothers stayed in the Camden neighborhood of Minneapolis providing services to the community and surrounding communities for over 70 years. LeVahn Brothers Plumbing provided much of the plumbing work during the booming early days of Minneapolis’ North Side. We used horses and buggies early on, moving to Model T Fords as time went by.

Our locations

LeVahn Bros. moved a number of times prior to its current location. It began with 4147 Fremont, then 4108 Lyndale Ave. (pictured) then 3200 Penn Ave. Arthur’s son Bob took over the business in the 60’s and he passed it on to his son and current owner Loren LeVahn. Loren got his start in the family business by swatting flies for a penny a piece at the Lyndale location. Loren purchased Yes Hardware in 1995 and moved the business out of North Minneapolis to its current location in Maple Grove.

LeVahn Brothers in Modern Times

Today, LeVahn Bros Plumbing is run out of LeVahn Bros Hardware Hank located in the Bass Lake Shopping Center in Maple Grove. Loren runs the plumbing and hardware store along with his son Andy. We specialize in all things plumbing including issues that affect residents of Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park and Northwest suburbs. Whether it’s a water softener, a water heater, a copper pipe leak, a bathroom or kitchen remodel or any other plumbing repair or installation we’ll take care of it. We’ve been in business for nearly 100 years and we have the knowledge to take care of any plumbing and home repair need that you encounter. When you need an answer on your next home project stop in to our store location and talk to one of our trained staff. We have years of experience and we’re always willing to help. There’ll be someone there to greet you at the door and help you with whatever project you’re tackling.