Where to find Price Pfister repair cartridges

Where to find Price Pfister repair cartridges 1
Price Pfister 910-024
Where to find Price Pfister repair cartridges 2
Price Pfister 910-031
If you have an Older Price Pfister 2 handle faucet that has 1/4 turn ceramic cartridges with part #’s 910-025 and 910-024 they have been discontinued and replaced with new part numbers. The new part number for 910-025 (HOT) is 910-031. The new number for part number 910-024 (cold) is 910-032. After removing the old cartridges DO NOT THROW them away ! You will need to use parts off of the old cartridge in order to repair the new one. Remove the center stem portion of both the new cartridge and the old cartridge and save the brass retaining nut from the old unit. Fully insert the plastic stem from the new cartridge into the brass retaining nut of the old cartridge until it bottoms out in the nut. After you have completed the swap of the stems from old to new you can screw it back in to the faucet. If for any reason the retainer nut becomes damaged you can obtain the nut separately (it’s part number 962-043).

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