How to Set a Mouse Trap

There is a seemingly endless array of options to rid your house of rodents. The key is to figure out which option is right for you and then know how to set a mouse trap of your choice.

As the weather outside gets colder, mice and other pests are looking for a warm place to nest for the winter. Your first line of defense is sealing all potential holes and entry points. Generally speaking spray foam alone doesn’t do the trick so we recommend also pushing some steel wool into any holes as well.

Where to Place Traps

Mice have poor eyesight and they end up using their whiskers to help guide them along. Because of this they tend to stay close to walls and don’t generally make their way out in the open. Traps must be placed flush against the wall or the rodent won’t ever find it. Use peanut butter for bait, mice can sniff it out and it works just as well if not better then liquid mouse baits.

Place the baited/trigger side of the trap perpendicular to a wall preferably in an area where you’ve seen a mouse previously. This allows for the mouse to discover the baited/trigger end of the trap from either direction. Be careful to not have the trap in a place where it could be stepped on, or accessed by a pet or a child.

Types of Traps

Like I said before there are endless options of mouse traps but the basic idea is generally the same. The biggest difference between the options is really the ease of use. Sometimes the inexpensive wooden traps work beautifully. Other times they can clean the bait off of every trap without a single mouse being caught. I’ve had a lot of luck using the easy set, easy release models such as the Snap-E and the Tomcat. The glue models can also be effective but they can be a sticky mess. If you are more of a catch and release mouse hunter then the Kness tip traps work great. The reality is you may end up needing to do trial and error to see what works best for you.

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