Product highlight: Incredible orange anti-ice

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Incredible orange anti-ice

Incredible Orange Ice and Snow Eliminator

Incredible orange anti-ice is a snow and ice removal product that is marketed as a pre-treatment for snow and ice. It’s the same product that is used by highway departments around the country. Use a pump sprayer to apply the liquid to outside surfaces that you don’t want ice or snow to build up on. We use it on the walkway in front of our store and have found that it works great for those irritating snow dustings that we get all winter long. Incredible orange also works to keep ice and snow from adhering to the surface of walk and driveways so that shoveling is easier later on. This product can be used to help melt ice that has already built up on outside surfaces but we find it works better as a pretreatment. For other ideas on how to remove ice and snow from your driveway check out this ice and snow removal post.

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